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In Nebraska, all of us are influenced by agriculture and farming. The land permeates nearly every aspect of our lives. As lawyers to farmers, ranchers and other businesses in Ogallala and Keith County, McQuillan & Wendell P.C., L.L.O., understands the importance of getting business transactions right first time.

By consulting us at the beginning of a transaction, you minimize the possibility of expensive and uncertain litigation in the future.

Making It Our Business To Know Yours

When you own a business like a farm or ranch, getting the time to visit a lawyer is never easy. We understand this. That’s why you’ll never spend more time with us or on a transaction than you need to. We focus on business and agriculture law, and on the legal issues that affect farmers in particular.

When you come to see us, our lawyers will already have a good idea of the environment in which you work and the challenges you face. Every day we deal with the following types of issues:

  • Contract negotiations for grain and other materials
  • Business succession and estate planning
  • Farm and pasture leases
  • Easements and adverse possession
  • Taxation
  • Transaction negotiations
  • Drafting of contracts, leases and other agreements
  • Advice on starting a farm business
  • Partnership agreements and advice on other business entities, including LLCs

Dealing With Complex, High-Value Land Deals And Other Transactions

Getting things done quickly and on budget is our priority. But sometimes, speed is not the only factor. Very often we deal with complex legal issues, where the stakes are high for everyone involved. It’s our duty to do things right — and because of our expertise in contract law you can depend on us to make sure any commitment you agree to is legally robust and in your best interests.

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To schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, call us on 866-730-5693 or contact us online. We will set out your options and give you a clear indication of the likely legal costs.


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